Types of Dental Attachments for a Perfect Smile

Dental attachments are abutments or segments that connect the prosthesis to the implant.

The smile is an open door to great opportunities, that is why having a lovely set of teeth is vital in our lives, but when we have problems with one or more teeth and the only option left is to remove them, there is only the alternative of replacing those spaces with implants, dental attachments are one of the main elements for these implants to be aesthetically correct. Do you want to know more about them? their characteristics and types? In this article we tell you more about this subject.

What is a dental attachment?

A dental implant is the base that will be attached to the bone where the artificial tooth will be placed, the dental attachments are pillars or segments that link the prosthesis to the implant. These connectors are made to provide an extremely important function, as they must be the right size and design for the implants in order to fix and stabilise the artificial tooth.

The most commonly used materials are titanium, surgical grade stainless steel, gold, PEEK and Zirconium (which is the most recommended at Laboratorio Nonakalab, for its benefits). Similarly, the surgeon and the specialist are the ones who determine what is best for their patient, reminding them of the patient's cleaning habits, because after this it takes 2 to 4 weeks for the gum to heal and with proper hygiene, infections in the bone and gum are prevented.

Characteristics of dental attachments

  • They are durable over time and are not disfigured by external agents, such as any type of food, an accident, or dental wear that occurs over time with other materials.
  • They make chewing and mashing food easier, as their high quality materials mean there is no need to worry about consuming any type of food.
  • They help with dental aesthetics, by supporting and firming the tooth without protruding or causing obstruction or colliding with another tooth, our teeth look completely natural and even improved.

Types of dental attachments

There are several types, but here we will only name the main ones:

  • Healing abutments: these help the gum to heal quickly around the implant. These are used before the prosthesis is placed.
  • Definitive abutments: this is the 2nd part of the treatment. After the gum has healed well, the definitive abutments are placed. They can be:
    • Prefabricated or standard attachments: these are mass-produced, fitted to prefabricated implants as well, with lower cost but not customised. So the final result is variable depending on the patient and the specialist.
    • Adjustable attachments or Smart abutments: these are customised, created by the laboratory using the dental impression of each patient. They fit reliably to the implant and take into account the height of the gum line, being a better option to obtain the expected aesthetic result, at a higher cost.

At Nonakalab Nonakalab Laboratory we have always worked with imported materials and of the highest quality so we have in our stock the best options whether you choose prefabricated or customised, we have excellent products for both options.

If you are interested contact us, one of our specialists will give you the advice you need to ensure your dental health.