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Dental Laboratory - Full Strength Zirconia

BruxZir®️ Full-Strength Zirconia

This technology represents the future of technology available on the market today.

Maximum strength and aesthetic formulas for crowns, bridges and even full-arch dentures, used on natural preparations or on dental implants.

Computer-aided precision manufacturing ensures guaranteed satisfaction for the dentist and patient while providing a completely natural appearance.

  • Realistic tone
  • Minimum preparation requirements
  • Reasonable cost Simple and durable cementation
  • No damage to antagonist denture

Generic Zirconia

Zirconium is characterised by its density and smoothness. Among the dental ceramics available today, zirconium oxide partially stabilized with yttrium is undoubtedly the material that offers the highest strength and fracture toughness. A well designed, maintained and cared for zirconia crown can have a lifespan of 20 years.


By not having to veneer the restorations with ceramic, it is possible to fabricate 100% zirconia bridges and avoid the problem of ceramic fractures.

They adhere well to the tooth and require fewer extractions compared to other alternatives.

Several studies have shown that this type of restoration is easier to fit intraorally.

Dental Laboratory - Clinical Zirconia

Clinical Zirconia

Zirconium is the most advanced material to counteract frequent problems such as: lack of space or bruxism. It offers functional and aesthetic rehabilitation at the same time.

This highly biocompatible material has a high translucency and a very natural appearance.

  • Higher translucency due to optimised zirconium oxide microstructure zirconium oxide
  • No fracture of the ceramic
  • No abrasion to the antagonist tooth. Up to 200% more strength is achieved
  • Ideal for implant restorations or for prostheses with gingival reconstruction.

IPS e.max®️

With the e.max® system, which is based on lithium disilicate, we are able to produce highly aesthetic and durable restorations.

IPS e.max polychromatic ingots are particularly attractive as they feature a shade progression. The shade is selected depending on the case to be treated and the results look very natural in relation to the shade of the prepared tooth.


Proven high-strength material for long-lasting clinical results; flexible luting options. Natural aesthetics with respect to the shade of the prepared tooth. Polychromatic ingots for increased efficiency. Five levels of translucency. Minimally invasive, precision-fit restorations. Adhesive, self-adhesive or conventional luting options, depending on the indication.

Dental Laboratory Mexico - IPS empress

Solid Zirconia

Modern dentists choose Obsidian Fused to Metal restorations because they are four times stronger and twice as resistant to chipping as conventional layering ceramics.

  • They are particularly suitable for cosmetic cases where the crowns have to cover dark preparations.
  • By pressing lithium silicate ceramic into metal, rather than traditional porcelain, finished crowns and bridges achieve much higher strength than conventional porcelain metal.
  • They are chip resistant and ideal for covering endodontic posts when occlusal reduction or vertical dimension is limited.
  • They are ideal for bridges with insufficient vertical clearance for full-contour zirconia.


It is a restoration made of ceramic fused to a 22 carat Captek gold framework that provides a warm appearance at the gingival margin.

It is recommended for crowns and bridges, and can also be prescribed for long-span bridges and implants.


It is biocompatible and corrosion resistant due to its composition of 84.5 % gold and 12.3 % platinum group metals.

The other great benefit is that it accumulates less bacteria than natural teeth.

Full Metal Restoration

Particularly suitable for posterior crowns, they have the benefit of long term durability.

These are competitively priced cast gold products made in record production time.

  • High strength and more affordable price compared to other types of crowns.
  • It is extremely gentle for use in the mouth.
  • Gold is highly durable and provides the least sensitivity of all metals in your mouth.
  • Recommended for posterior teeth, where there is less cosmetic concern.
  • Especially for patients who clench their teeth.
  • The cementation process is less sensitive.

PMMA temporary restorations

The fear of temporary restorations looking unnatural is put to rest with this technique. While it is a short-term restoration, it is durable and aesthetically pleasing so that your patients can maintain their smile without fear.


Hi-Tech Temps provisional restorations preserve gingival position, as well as opposing and remaining teeth, so there are no surprises at the patient's final visit. Whether performing tissue therapy, healing for oval pontics or restoring lost vertical dimension.

Bruxism guards

Comfort H/S™ bruxism guards are the ideal solution for patients with bruxism or those who grind their teeth.

They are made according to your specifications of the occlusal plane in the upper or lower arch.


They can be rigid or soft and have an outer layer of a rigid and durable co-polyester, while the inner surface is coated with a 1 mm thick layer of soft polyurethane for extra oral comfort.

PlaySafe®️ mouthguards

These mouthguards are designed for amateurs and professional athletes whose sports require the highest level of mouth protection while playing.


They prevent dental trauma, fractured teeth and are also recommended for orthodontic patients with braces, who should wear a mouth guard as a preventive measure.

PlaySafe sports mouthguards provide superior fit and retention and are available in different levels of protection. They can be customised and are available in a variety of colors.