Frequently Asked Questions

General Service

Call us to request a courier.

No, there is no cancellation fee.

Everything is properly packed in bubble bags with appropriate protection.

Yes, we make the necessary adjustments to the work once it has been delivered if necessary.

All our work is carried out using the latest technology.

We do design and 3D printing, we can receive STL files from anywhere in the world and we do most of our work on state of the art milling machines ensuring the correct accuracy.

All the aesthetics are hand finished to ensure the highest aesthetics.

Dentists in general, are kindly requested to send us all impressions previously disinfected. 

Returns are granted if they are made on the basis of the warranty.

Laboratory COVID-19 Protocols

Internally we will work with the hygiene measures of healthy distance as well as personal protection such as hand washing, antiviral gel, mouth coverings, etc.

Regarding parcels and courier service, parcels will carry a legend stating that the item is previously disinfected and the courier will carry hygiene measures such as face shields, antibacterial gel, etc.